Bellevue Bullet: More Than a Team

Bellevue Athletic Redefines Itself in Epic Rebranding Move

by Daniel Adan

Bellevue Athletic FC, a UPSL club based in the Pacific Northwest representing the Eastside, is gearing up for a rebrand during the offseason. The change promises to incorporate the shared passion that unites fans, players, and communities into the black and gold.  I had the privilege of sitting down with owner Anastacio Rivera and hearing what this means for the club:

The rebrand is a huge moment for our club as it signifies a shift from the opening era of Bellevue Athletic into the new era. The way I like to think about it is that our first two years were something of a prologue. We learned, we grew, we came into our own as a club. Now we enter the main story. The club will now focus on integrating the community into the club during this next phase of development as we continue to improve our team and move forward as an organization. The goal will be to be the Eastside’s club, while also garnering more opportunities for our players to move forward through partnerships and exposure.”

The concept of a rebrand had been on Rivera’s mind soon after the first season, as he wanted to connect closer to the community. Veenal Sample, now the captain of BAFC2, expressed his perception that this team was built on a foundation of professionalism and positivity – an ethos the club strives for every day.

“As a relatively new addition to the BAFC family, I was welcomed with open arms and brought into the fold quickly. The management staff and players both have an unwavering dedication to personal and team development. Between practices, technical sessions, and games, the work ethic displayed by BAFC is second to none. The most unique aspect of the club is the egoless nature of all those involved. No matter your skillset or background, the team is devoted to seeing you improve and grow your love for the game. I am proud to say I am a member of the BAFC family and can’t wait to see what the future holds for the club.” – Veenal Sample, Captain of B2

The clubs inaugural season in 2022 and much of the two years since has been about creating the culture and professionalism that is expected to be reflected in the jersey. Athletics rebrand comes with an all-new vibrant color scheme. The midnight black and cascadia gold are the staple of the club reflecting Bellevue’s unity and energy. New to the 2024 kit will be the feature of meadow sunset and Eastside frost. These two colors embody the expansion to represent all of the Eastside in togetherness.

Another change you’ll notice is within the clubs crest, and it is nothing short of amazing. Bellevue’s skyline has been added showing the clubs commitment to be involved on and off the field in the community. Take a closer look, you will see waves from Lake Washington  at the bottom of the logo, and this resembles strength and passion for the city.

When asked about the emblem, Rivera stated, “As the emblem of BAFC undergoes a transformation, so too does the essence of our identity. The new logo encapsulates the breathtaking beauty of Lake Washington and the iconic Bellevue city skyline, weaving them seamlessly into the fabric of our team spirit. Our new primary colors symbolize the depth of our commitment, excellence, and dedication to training, while the secondary color represents our confidence and boldness to take on any challenge that comes our way. This evolution isn’t just a visual change; it’s a pledge to not only perform to our very best capabilities on the soccer pitch but also to give back to the community and those who have paved our way to reach the highest heights possible.”

Clubs around the world have intertwined their birth year into the crest to always pay respect to the lineage that fuels the evolution and Bellevue Athletic will be no different come 2024. Rivera expanded, “In fact we’ve added a lot more than just the date. Including the city skyline & Lake WA is a promise to the community that this new evolution of Bellevue athletic will work harder to connect and represent the community. I personally don’t like to dwell on “firsts”. Every player, every staff member, and every fan that has come through our program has done their part in forming Bellevue Athletic and helping it grow into the club that is primed to flourish today.”

Forward Nick Rivera echoed a similar sentiment, “This club has been everything to me these past couple years. Day in and day out helping out behind the scenes and playing. It’s almost like my little brother,(even though I don’t have one) happy to see it grow every step of the way. I think the rebrand is showing how it’s matured and the level that it’s striving to achieve

Athletic begin their quest for glory in March 2024. Check back here for info on open tryouts and volunteering opportunities in the community

**Acknowledgment:** The content of this article was edited with the assistance of ChatGPT, a language model developed by OpenAI. ChatGPT provided valuable input in refining and enhancing the text.