Bellevue Athletic FC Becomes a Fuego Affiliate Partner

Elite soccer partnership forges pathways to professional success and regional talent development.
by Fuego FC Staff

FRESNO, CA – Central Valley Fuego FC proudly announces a groundbreaking affiliation with Bellevue Athletic FC, signaling a pivotal moment in fostering both regional and national soccer talent. The partnership solidifies Bellevue Athletic FC as a Fuego Affiliate, creating a vital link between youth clubs and Fuego FC’s technical staff, and network.

The core objective of this affiliation is to provide Bellevue Athletic FC access to Fuego FC’s esteemed coaching resources, cutting-edge player development programs, and impactful club initiatives. Additionally, the collaboration extends beyond the field, with both clubs collaborating to conduct coaching clinics, and orchestrate community-centric events.

Established in 2022, the Fuego Affiliate Program stands as a testament to Central Valley Fuego FC’s commitment to nurturing local talent both near and far. Serving as the region’s only professional soccer team, Fuego FC will work hand-in-hand with affiliate clubs to provide an unparalleled platform that uplifts both players and staff within the organizations.

“Affiliating with CV Fuego FC, a mainstay in USL1 and a club who has followed a path similar to the one we envision, marks a milestone for Bellevue Athletic FC and the community we serve,” remarked Anastacio Rivera, Sporting Director of Bellevue Athletic FC. “This partnership transcends soccer—it’s a commitment to elevating the game and providing an alternative pathway to professional football for local talent. Together, we’ll forge opportunities, ignite passion, and inspire the rest of the lower league landscape in the Puget Sound to find their own alliances. This is more than a marketing play for both teams; it’s a fusion of dreams, uniting very different and diverse communities through the beautiful game.”

Bellevue Athletic FC was formed with the belief that there is an extensive and untapped talent pool in the Greater Seattle area that is lacking opportunities at the professional level. The club’s mission revolves around bridging the gap and providing pathways for budding talents towards higher-level professional leagues.

“We began discussing a sporting alliance between Fuego and Bellevue Athletic in September of 2023, initially as a thought experiment. After many deep and thought provoking conversations about how the landscape of professional soccer needs to change in order to foster the growth of the sport, we decided this was something that both organizations desperately needed. Fuego embraces the flames of collaboration with Bellevue Athletic, fanning the spirit of unity and diversity through soccer. We look forward to providing an established and secure pathway to professional soccer for local talent, both in the Central Valley and in the greater Seattle area. By democratizing access to the professional ranks, we hope to be an example of what association football can and should be in the United States, which is an open and fair system based on sporting merit” – Juan G Ruelas Jr., Managing Partner of Fuego FC. 

The collaboration between Central Valley Fuego FC and Bellevue Athletic FC symbolizes a unified effort to carve out opportunities for young athletes, uncover hidden potentials, and craft a trajectory into the professional realm of soccer.

Notably, Bellevue Athletic FC is the first lower league club outside of California that Fuego FC has affiliated with since becoming newly professional. This is a landmark partnership that will open the doors for more out-of-state affiliations. The message is clear: Fuego will work with those who want to work with Fuego, anytime and anywhere. 


About Central Valley Fuego FC:

Established in 2002, Central Valley Fuego FC is the region’s sole professional soccer club. Competing in USL League One, the club made its professional debut in April 2022. In 2024, all home matches will be hosted at Fresno State Soccer Stadium. Central Valley Fuego FC is dedicated to uniting the community through the love of soccer. For more information, visit

About Bellevue Athletic FC:

Bellevue Athletic FC, a Semi-Professional Soccer Club, was formed to address the need for accessible pathways for promising talents within the Seattle area. The club endeavors to cultivate and propel regional soccer talents towards higher echelons of the sport. For more information, visit