Soccer Players WANTED in Bellevue, Washington!

February 2022 Adult men (Ages: 17+) soccer tryouts

Bellevue Athletic FC soccer
Welcome to the Bellevue Athletic FC The Golden Angels Semi-Professional Soccer Club

If you play soccer and want to try out for our team, we invite you to join us in February 2022. We are interested in your abilities.

  • We know that there is a huge talent pool in the Eastside. There are many high-level adult leagues in Bellevue, with college/semi-pro-level players just itching for competition. Join us and showcase your talent.
  • We strive to do the little things to help our players and team succeed.

We believe there is a huge talent pool in Snohomish and King Counties. We want you to play for our team.

We believe in your skills, and we will support your passion for soccer

The UPSL is a healthy and growing league, particularly on the Eastside and Seattle. Many talented players fall through the college and academy pathway cracks. These players could be moved onto higher-level teams with success in our division, allowing us to be known as a competitive club moving players on to greater heights.

  • Let us provide you with the stepping stones to your dreams.
  • We offer encouragement and support.
  • We enable you to move onto higher-level teams. 
  • Players receive guidance, assistance, and training.
  • Players are part of a dedicated and supportive team.
  • Players will practice discipline, patience, determination, and teamwork. 
  • Coaches motivate players with positive energy and inspiration.
  • Strengthen your skills to make quick decisions, solve problems, and communicate with your teammates.

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