Bellevue Athletic FC Welcomes New Players

We are pleased and excited to announce some of our new players. The Bellevue Athletic FC is currently welcoming players for the 2022 season, beginning in March. If you are interested in joining, see our Schedule/ Calendar for more information.

New Players

Our new team players are Nick Rivera and Lucas Rios. They are ready and looking forward to the new season. We are excited and share their enthusiasm for training, expanding soccer skills, and playing the game. We asked them a few questions so you can learn a bit about them, their expectations, goals, and why they joined Bellevue Athletic FC.

New Players
Lucas Rios (Left) and Nick Rivera (Right) Join Bellevue Athletic FC

First, We’ll introduce Nick Rivera. As a youth player, Nick played for Snohomish High School, Eastside FC, Seattle United, and the @wayouthsoccer EPD program. This past year he was also an honorary mention as a freshman striker for @edmondstritons during Fall 2021! Nick likes to produce music, dabble in NFTs, and stream during his free time. 

What are you most looking forward to in the upcoming season?

Nick: I’m looking forward to getting with the team and finding our chemistry on the field. I think that one of the most important parts about a season is getting started off on the right foot and setting a solid foundation. Also looking forward to getting back in the swing of things in competitive soccer.

Why did you choose to play for Bellevue Athletic?

Nick: I chose to play for Bellevue Athletic because I want to be a part of something fresh and new. It’s hard to find other places to play who have your best interest in mind. I already know many people I’ll be playing with here, so it will be easy to hit the ground running. I want to forge my own future and be a part of other people’s stories as well.

What are your goals with soccer? 

Nick: Short Term: To get scouted by a D1 college to play this next season. Long-term: get scouted and play for an MLS or professional team in Europe that will be a right fit for me. I want to be in a place where I can make enough money to be comfortable and play soccer as a passion instead of a job.

Can you predict how the team will do this season?

Nick: I think this season will go really well. If not, they say, “Aim for the stars and land on a cloud.” Either way, I have a really good feeling about it all.

Our next player is Lucas Rios. Lucas spent most of his youth career on Crossfire Academy and spent the last year with Snohomish United ECNL. He is currently attending college and working at the Snohomish Co-Op. Staying busy is key for Lucas, and he hopes to revitalize his love of the game at Bellevue Athletic.

What are you most looking forward to in the upcoming season?

Lucas: I am looking forward to winning games and defending to the best of my ability.

Why did you choose to play for Bellevue Athletic?

Lucas: I chose to play at Bellevue Athletic because I like the staff and the players that are trying out.

What are your goals with soccer? 

Lucas: My goal in soccer is to go professional and win championships.

Can you predict how the team will do this season?

Lucas: There is a lot of uncertainty at this early stage, but with the current players trying out, I believe we will do well this season.

It is a privilege for us to finally get to work with Nick and Lucas after following their soccer careers since they were youngsters. Both have top-caliber potential but need the right environment to develop it. We believe Bellevue Athletic will be that environment and can’t wait to see what these young men will achieve with us.  

If you want to play soccer in a positive, supportive environment, let us know. We believe that talent needs encouragement to grow. We are a family organization supporting our community. See our Schedule/Calendar for games and information.

The Bellevue Athletic FC is a Bellevue, King County, United Premier Semi-Professional Soccer League (UPSL) Club. We believe in supporting the youth soccer community in the greater Seattle and Puget Sound area. We provide opportunities for young talent who wish to work up to higher-level professional soccer leagues.